USB Dux Philosophy

USB Dux is a project run by engineers for engineers. We aim to provide low cost, high quality products for technically minded people.

We can keep our prices down because we don't have shareholders or managers to pay. We run the project in addition to our day-jobs at University and put the revenue from sales back into developing the project. We don't believe in wasteful packaging so your order will arrive safely protected in a plain white box, packed with re-used protection.

We don't have a dedicated customer help line. We do answer questions by email and there is a lot of help available on the Comedi forum ( .

Our code is all open source and we encourage our customers to share any useful code they develop.

We occasionally give Dux boards free to projects we like, such as the rocket Globos project (You Tube video here).

USBDux Products are designed and manufactured in Scotland.