Ubuntu Memory Stick with comedi

Are you having trouble with data acquisition on Windows? Perhaps you do not have access to a Linux machine. You can still use USBDUX devices via a boot from a memory stick version of Linux! Simply insert the memory stick and boot your machine. It will run with a fully functioning version of Linux with COMEDI already installed along with other software for using your USBDUX. You can save to your hard drive or the memory stick and access your network, just as you would with a fully installed version. When you are finished, simply re-boot the machine and you have your old operating system back exactly as it was. Nothing is installed on the machine.

Ideal for:

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UBUNTU version

This memory stick is based on Ubuntu-12.04.1 LTS (Precise Pangolin) with additional software added to it.

Additional software installed

Software development

The memory stick also contains the development libraries of comedi, qt and qwt. Thus, you can also write your own comedi applications directly on this memory stick.

ISO image

BitTorrent of the ISO image.